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First day of school - 21st June, 2010

Posted by Chan chue lydia kha

Yep, you got that right, its back to business again.

Going back to school this time round is a whole new experience. It really is different. 50% of students from Form 1 n 2 are moving to SMK Ng Dap, and about a dozen teachers are moving there as well... So the anticipation is high. and the waking up part is also a drag.... argh... waking up early after 3 weeks holiday. its never easy.

In school, even the atmosphere is different. Kong Lang Sieng, who sits behind me, and Lim Wee Wee, behind her, are all missing. It feels strange. I can't say i like it. I really like both of them. Rare people who are extremely nice. Gonna miss them a lot.

Well, I can't help feeling extremely lonely. Coming back here. Its jus not the same as being in Kuching. Oh God, help me to find a mate. To find someone i can relate to. I miss him, but he's happily involve with someone else. *entirely out of topic*

My class is in a mess. I lost all my students. My beloved students. There are all arrange to different classes and I got the last Form 1 class. Which also means a combination of 1G's jakun, and 1F's nautis. Can't say i'm not disappointed.

The rest of the classes are all the same. Finish counting the marks for all exam papers. Finish keying all the marks into the computer. At least my work for now is done.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. We'll all get our new timetable tomorrow. Its gonna be something different. Hope I would be lucky this time round. Dear God, help me in my career and do what is best for me for this second half of the year. Blessed be your way. Amen.

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Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

All the best in teaching.